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Croatia is a small Mediterranean country in Europe. Many people do not know about it and I hope that after reading this article, you would find it a worth travelling place (or at least add it in your places-to-visit list). In Croatia, there are several cool cities to visit and Zadar is one of them. So, here is your Zadar travel guide !!!

First of all, let’s talk about the currency used in Croatia and how expensive is it to travel there. Croatian Kuna is the official currency of this small country. But Kruna is not that weak, 1 Euro = 73 Hrk and 1 Hrk= INR 11. But if we talk about the travel expenses in Croatia, I would still say that travelling in Croatia is comparatively cheaper than other Western European countries.

Travel itinerary

So now coming to the main Zadar travel guide, let me start with my itinerary. Since we live in Germany so, Croatia is not too far and is a perfect weekend escape plan. I made a travel plan for 3 days, which I guess is enough if you want to visit a specific city in Croatia (Zadar was that city in my case). My travel plan was about travelling to beaches and Croatia is world renowned for it.

We reached Zadar International Airport at around 10:30 AM and headed towards the rental car agency. We booked the rental car via, which provides some really cool deals on rental cars. The total rental car price was just 10€ (20€ rental – 10€ Check24 voucher….cool, isn’t it !!!). We basically needed the car to go to the beach directly without wasting our time for hotel check-in (and of course to get rid of our luggage).

Best Beaches in Zadar

Since Zadar city is surrounded by the sea so, it’s pointless to say that there are numerous beautiful beaches in Zadar. But some of them are better than others either because of their easy accessibility from the main city or because of their maintenance. Out of the four beaches that I visited on our first day, I really loved the forth beach.

1. Queen’s Beach
2. Ninska Laguna Beach
3. Zaton Beach
4. Kolvare Beach

The water of the beaches in Croatia is very clean and most of the beaches have received Blue Flag status. This status is an indication of high environmental and quality standards.

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Zadar Old City

If you are on a relaxing holiday and have some spare time then, do visit Zadar old town. It has a nice vibe of the fusion of old-modern. Our Airbnb host told us that some of the parts of Zadar old town are even older than the Rome city in Italy. At the tip/end of the old city are the two famous spots to relax, chill and enjoy the weather. If you don’t know already about them then, these two spots have been designed by a famous architect and are icons to the Zadar city.

1. Sea Organ
2. Greetings to the Sun

Food in Zadar

Proximity to the sea obviously suggests trying seafood. Again our Airbnb host suggested us to try fish in Zadar old town. Though there are several restaurants and it’s nearly impossible that you don’t find fish dishes (if you are not vegetarian) but she suggested trying Restaurant Fosa. It is a bit expensive but I would highly recommend you to try their fish menu (which costs around 300kn).

Airport to Zadar city (or vice versa)

Bus: I have realized that in several countries/cities, the airports are generally too far away from the main city and there are either not much options or quite expensive options to go to the main city from the airport. But Zadar is an exception to this. The Zadar international airport is not too far from the city. There are regular bus services in both the direction. The one-way fare from the airport to the Zadar city costs around (50kn = 3.5€).

Taxi: If you are running out of time or fancy to travel via taxi then, again good news for you. In contrary to many European cities, Zadar does have Uber cab service. It is the cheapest, easiest and simplest way to get around in the city. The taxi fare is around (20kn = 3€) for a trip of 2-3km. But I guess, if you are on a budget travelling then, City to Airport (or vice versa) would be a little costly i.e. around 20€. I would still recommend using the bus for this particular trip.

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