Apple Pencil Alternative

You have an iPad and want to buy an Apple’s pencil but the $99 price has made you think twice if you really need it. Believe me, its great to a have pencil to write on iPad. Actually not just on iPad, a pencil is a great tool to increase your productivity on any tablet. Instead of giving you a long list of alternatives, I am going to suggest you just one Apple pencil alternative.


Apple Pencil Alternative

I was a little skeptical if I really need an Apple’s pencil and personally found a $99 price tag too much for basic use. This led me to a long search of finding an Apple pencil’s alternative. After going through hundreds of options with the price range as low as $10 to the ones, which cost nearly equal to the original Apple pencil, I found some hidden gem. I finally ended up in buying a less than $20 capacitive touch pencil. The outer body of the pencil is made up of metal and has premium quality feel. 


Performance of Alternative Pencil

At the time of writing this post, it’s been 2 months since I am using this alternative pencil. This is an honest review and I won’t say that the performance (or rather call it precision) is comparable to the original Apple’s pencil. But if you are looking for something to make quick notes, edit photos, surfing tab, or something for your kids to practice writing then, this is a great alternative. Personally, I can’t imagine using my iPad without this pencil anymore. One additional benefit is that it keeps my iPad free from finger marks.

The pencil is quite responsive and almost every time recognizes the touch at the correct position. The problem occurs only when you want to write a lot of text at a fast pace. And it is because of the fact that when you write with this pencil then the lower part of your hand touches the screen, which results in inconsistent effects.

Tip: Wear a glove if you wish to get really precise results using this pencil. By wearing a glove, you minimize the chances that something else getting clicked by the lower portion your palm while writing.  

Decide – Apple Pencil or $20 Pencil?

Apple Pencil:

  • If you are planning to write a lot of text (or make notes quite often)
  • Precise editing of images
  • Want completely trouble free and super smooth writing experience

$20 Apple Pencil Alternative (Check price on Amazon):

  • If you need a pencil only for surfing and writing sporadically
  • If you need decent image editing but not pixel precise
  • If you can wear a glove for precise writing
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