oh yes! You can do cheap travel in Germany

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Are you thinking about travelling within Germany and got stumbled by checking the price of tickets? ahh! you are a student and want to do a backpacking trip to Germany but sadly you find it expensive to travel from one city to another…Ok, I am not sure what do you exactly want but if you are reading my post, it means you are looking for options to do cheap travel in Germany.

So let’s jump directly to explore the secret weapons…haha, the cheap travelling tips ain’t no less than secret weapons for me.

Sorry! before I write further let me tell you, how cheap is cheap for me. I am no rich person, I am from India and 1€ = 80 INR (Sh*t I checked again and found 1€ = 83 INR now). So you can imagine cheap means dirt cheap for me. Btw when I came to Germany 6 years back, even a 1.5€ bus ticket was costly for me. Because 1.5€ = 100+ INR, which were enough to get a decent meal in India (yeah, some of you may laugh now).

Whenever there is a talk about cheap travel in Germany, I am always carried away by the stories that I have but now I am going to keep my head straight and share the travel options that I have learned in past few years.

Common Options: Cheap Travel in Germany


This isn’t a secret weapon by any means. I am just including it for the sake of completeness of this post. But just in case, you don’t know about BlablaCar app/website yet then…hmm, it’s like you are standing in front of gold and thinking if it’s valuable or not.

Budget Airlines

They are usually more useful to travel within Europe but some of them do fly between big German cities. Look for Ryanair, Wizzair, and Easyjet. As a matter of fact, Ryanair offers time to time 3€ ticket from Memmingen (Germany) to Oradea (Bratislava)…now this is something we call dirt-cheap!

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If time is not an issue for you then, this is a pretty good option. Moreover, Flixbus has a vast operating network in Europe and you can reach almost everywhere with Flixbus. Starting at a price of 5€, this is a great cheap and comfortable option (btw buses have wifi too). Furthermore, they have quite a generous ticket cancellation policies.


Great Option: Cheap Travel in Germany

All the above options are good, but wait a minute! we haven’t talked about one of the best options…trains 🙂

Just think about travelling in Europe with trains, ain’t the songs of DDLJ (Dilwale dulhania le jayenge) movie start clinging in your ears…haha, don’t know if it does to you but happened to my friend while travelling for the first time in Germany by train (yes! it was you Abhi).

But if you go to the official German train booking website , the excitement may wash out soon after checking the price 🙁

Don’t worry, now I am going to tell you the way to fulfill your dream of travelling within Germany by train.

German railways (officially called Deutsche Bahn) offers different rail passes. The most common ones are:

  • Day ticket: Costs 44€ and you can travel anywhere in Germany, valid for one day
  • Weekend ticket: Same price as day ticket but valid for the whole weekend
  • Regional ticket: This one is quite interesting and a cheaper option

Regional ticket

Usually, the price of this ticket varies between 23-25€. Considering the expenses in Germany, this is a real deal. The ticket is valid to travel within any state for a whole day. And, it is also valid for local trams and buses. Just imagine using this ticket to go to see Neuschwanstein Castle, then going to Nurenberg and finally reaching Oktoberfest in Munich for some beers…Perfect! 

If you need more detailed information about booking a regional ticket, advantages, conditions and other related stuff, check out this well-written article about Bayern Regional Ticket.

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  1. Great post will be useful for many people travelling to Germany…thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Bala 🙂

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