Neuschwanstein Castle day trip

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

The Neuschwanstein Castle is best known as Germany’s fairytale castle. It is said that the castle has been an inspiration for the castle depicted in the famous Harry Potter movies. It seems like the Neuschwanstein Castle has jumped right out of the pages of a fairy-tale book. A Neuschwanstein Castle day trip can be easily done from Munich (or other nearby areas).

Transport Options

Public transport:

If you are not already aware of it then let me tell you that Germany has one of the best public transport networks in the world. You can literally reach anywhere in Germany using public transport. Therefore, a Neuschwanstein Castle day trip can be easily finished in a day using public transport. Use the official German railway’s website (Deutsche Bahn) to book your train tickets. Don’t forget to check the “Saver Fare Options” to get some reduced fare deals.


Again, the German highways (Autobahns in German) are among the best in the world and many of them have no speed limit (yet very safe). So, reaching the fairytale castle by car could also be a very good option. In case, you don’t have a car in Germany, just take a rental car. A rental would be a cheaper transport option in case you are more than one person for this Neuschwanstein Castle day trip. I have been using for quite some time and have always found great deals on rental cars (sadly the website is in German but if you need some assistance, feel free to email me at

Organized Group tour:

Like most of us, I am also not a big fan of an organized tour. But if you don’t have much time to plan everything by yourself,  or don’t have a driving license to drive in Germany or you just like to have a group tour then, I would recommend using this Viator day trip, which includes a trip to Linderhof castle as well.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Reaching the Castle:

 Neuschwanstein Castle day trip hiking path and a collage of pictures
Along the way to the Neuschwanstein Castle

The castle is located in the town of Hohenschwangau. There is nothing much to see in the town itself so, you will have all your time to create some great memories at this fairy-tale castle. Oh! I forgot to mention that Neuschwanstein Castle is also a great place to have a pre-wedding shoot (if you are considering one). Anyways, once you reach the town of Hohenschwangau, you have to do a little hike (around 30 min-1 hour) to reach to the castle. The hike is neither too long nor too difficult. But you can also ride on a typical German horse carriage to reach to the castle.

Best view of Neuschwanstein Castle:

Route map from parking place to the Neuschwanstein Castle via Marienbrücke.

Take a little detour to the Marienbrücke to get the best view of the Neuschwanstein castle. On a foggy day, you might not get a perfect picturesque view of the castle but its still great to walk on a wiggling bridge.

View of Neuschwanstein Castle from a bridge
View of the Neuschwanstein Castle from Marienbrücke (Marry’s bridge).

What Else!

If the exhilarating views of the Neuschwanstein castle and a bit tiring hike are not enough for you then, there are some bonus things to do nearby.

Hohenschwangau Castle:

Photo of a yellow castle
Hohenschwangau Castle near the parking lot.

It is a small yellow castle nearby. If you have some spare time then you can visit it after finishing your trip to the Neuschwanstein castle. The castle is close to the parking lot but you get its best views during the hike and from the Neuschwanstein castle itself.

Alpsee (Alps Lake):

Photo of a lake
Alpsee (Alps lake) near the Neuschwanstein castle.

If you go in the other direction to the Neuschwanstein castle from the parking lot then, you will find this beautiful lake. It’s not a bad idea to have some relaxed time on a lakeside after the Neuschwanstein castle hike.

Some Final Tips

  • There are not many options to eat and if are particular diet requirements then, its better to pack something with you.
  • You can also take a bus from Hohenschwangau to Marienbrücke, which costs around 2€.
  • Though the hike is not too difficult, still its 2km long way with a couple of steep climbs so, wear some comfortable footwear.
  • On public holidays and weekends, it could be really crowded so, plan accordingly.

If you have some more queries about a Neuschwanstein Castle day trip then feel free to Contact Me.


Photo credits:
Hohenschwangau Castle photo by Ștefan Jurcă under CC license
Alpsee photo by Dmitry Karyshev under CC license

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