Day hiking in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

view of alpine mountains in red shade

This was one of the most unexpected trips that came along. Since I live in Bavaria so, I did not have to plan much for this day hike in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  With soaring temperature, longer days and very less probability of rainfall, the month of August is presumably the best time to hike in Germany.

Situated along the border of Switzerland, the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is famous for its ski resort and beautiful hiking trails. The famous Zugspitze mountain (the top of Germany, 2.962m high) is situated very near to the south of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Therefore, the hiking trails in this town provide some of the best views of the Alps mountains.

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Partnachklamm-Eckbauer-Wamberg hiking trail
There are several trails in this region, which passes through lakes, river, mountains and thick forests. I chose the “Partnachklamm-Eckbauer-Wamberg” trail for this day hike. The trail passes through water streams, beautiful gorges, green meadows and dense forests.

The trail is well maintained and is suitable for children also. The total length of the trail is around 11.6km and it is of medium difficulty level. Since the trail has steep climbs and consists of gravel sections, therefore, one needs to be a little physically fit.

Partnachklamm (the first stop)

Gorges in Partnachklamm, Garmisch, Germany

The main attraction of this trail is the Partnachklamm part, which is one of the most beautiful gorges in the Alps. This gorge is a national monument and is now easily accessible. There are beautiful waterfalls and natural rocky structures. Make sure to bring waterproof jackets and pack your stuff properly.

After the beautiful gorges of Partnachklamm, you reach Vordergraseck and enter into a heavenly beautiful view of green hills, flowers, and snow-covered rocky mountains. 

green valleys, mountains, flowers on a hiking trail


After enjoying the exhilarating views, the real physically exhausting tour starts (at least for those who are not habitual). Now the path becomes rough and passes through thick mountain-forest. The climbs are steep till the next stop, which is Eckbauer peak. It takes around 1 hour to finish this stretch of the hike.

Girl walking, sitting and playing with grass on a hiking trail.
The trail towards Eckbauer peak.


Eckbauer (the mountain peak)

The not-so-easy hike of 1-2 hours to the top (Eckbauer peak) was all worth it. You get to see 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. There is a restaurant (or let’s call it Beer garden), where you can enjoy a glass of beer while watching over the panoramic views of Alps mountains. At this point, we spent around 1 hour and were totally mesmerized by its beauty. 

Girl standing at the top of a mountain peak.
The peak of Eckbauer mountain.


Girl seating on a mountain's peak
Panoramic views of Alps mountains from Eckbauer’s peak

Wamberg (beautiful village, downhill hike )

Since I followed the Partnachklamm-Eckbauer-Wamberg route of this circular trail, therefore, Wamberg is the stretch of this hiking route. But if you do it the other way round then, you will pass through Wamberg village first. The route from Eckbauer to Wamberg passes through green meadows and dense forests. Wamberg is the highest altitude village in Germany. With its Church St. Anna and beautiful old buildings, the time seems to have stopped in Wamberg

If you are following the Partnachklamm-Eckbauer-Wamberg route like me then, I would suggest that you use proper trekking shoes (even better, use trekking poles). This downhill path is quite rough and is very steep. The trail ends at the same point where you started i.e. Ski Stadion. 

St. Anna church during evening time
St. Anna church in Wamberg (Germany’s highest-altitude village).
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The hiking trail starts from the Olympia Skistadion (47.482724 N 11.117260 E). This place is accessible by both bus and train. You can reach the main train station of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and then take a bus to Olympia Skistadion (Ski Stadium in English). Since this is round hiking trail so it can be started in any direction. I followed the Partnachklamm-Eckbauer-Wamberg route.

map of a hiking trail in Garmisch, Germany

Photo Credits:
1. Partnachklamm gorges photo by Allie Caulfield, under CC license


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