Things to do in Berlin

The German capital is full of things to do and top attractions to visit so, it becomes a little tricky to decide where to start. Whether you are coming to Berlin for one day or more, this article may help you to decide the things to do in Berlin and will provide information about top Berlin attractions.

Transportation in Berlin

The capital city offers you one of the best public transportation networks. You can use S-Bahn (metro train), U-Bahn (underground metro), tram or bus to literally reach any corner of the city. The best way to get around in the city is to buy a day ticket for one person (which costs around 5.30€ – 7€, based on the region selection)  or for a group of 5 people (which costs around 20€).

Things to do in Berlin

(1) Brandenburg Tor (Brandenburg Gate):
The Brandenburg Gate (or Brandenburg Tor) is the most famous icon of Berlin. There is no way to miss this icon once you are in Berlin. Though the building itself was constructed between 1788-1791, it has become the symbol of German reunification since the fall of the Berlin wall (which was built to divide Germany into East and West during the cold war).

(2) Berlin TV Tower (Berlin Fernsehturm):

This 368 meters tower is another icon of Berlin and was inaugurated on 3rd Oct. 1969 by the communist East German government. Though you can see it nearly from everywhere in the Berlin city but to get a panoramic view of the city, you can also go to the observatory deck at a height of around 200 meters. You can have some drinks and refreshments while you enjoy the panoramic view of the bustling Berlin city. If you plan to go to the observatory deck then, don’t forget to arrange your tickets beforehand. It could get really crowdy during the holidays.

(3) German Parliament (Reichstag Building): 

This building is the symbol of democracy in Germany and is home to its parliament. The building itself was completed in 1894 but did not acquire any significant status for so long. After the division of Germany, it remains as ruins for several years. The building acquired its current status after the completion of the redesign and restoration project in 1999.

The main attraction of the building is its glass dome, which sits directly above the debate hall. By making prior registration, you can visit the dome and witness the proceedings of the parliament.

(4) Jewish Holocaust Memorial (Memorial to the Murdered Jews):

Not many countries are openly vocal about the mistakes and crimes committed by them but certainly, Germany is not among them as far as the topic of Jewish holocaust is concerned. The memorial is spread in an area of around 19,000 sq. meters and is open from all the sides. Designed by a New York architect Peter Eisenman, the memorial is made by unevenly placing 2711 concrete slabs of different heights. The abstract design leaves its meaning open to the visitor to perceive it in his/her own way but the place indeed leaves a strong impression on you.

There is also an underground information center beneath the memorial, where you can find more information about the victims and their locations.

(5) Victory Column (Siegessäule):

Victory Column in BerlinWith its golden status at the top, this is a must visit place in Berlin. Though it was originally built near the Reichstag building (German parliament) as a symbol of Prussian victory, it was relocated at its current location by Nazis in 1938. The column is placed in the center of Tiergarten park. If you start walking from Brandenburg Gate on the Str. des 17. Juni, you would reach a big intersection called Großer Stern 1 and Victory Column is placed at the center of it.

(6) Berlin Wall (East-Side Gallery): 

The fall of the Berlin wall resulted in the reunification of Germany but now to preserve its ruins is necessary to make a lesson for future generations. Berlin has perhaps found the best way to accomplish this task by converting the longest ruin of Berlin wall into a world’s longest open-air gallery. This 1.3 km section of the Berlin wall was painted by 118 artists from 21 countries. The gallery showcases graffiti work on the themes of communism, freedom, struggle etc. If you are lucky then, you could also get a glimpse of Trabant manufactured car (East Germany’s automobile company),  running on the street in front of the gallery. 

(7) Currywurst Museum:

currywurst museum berlinI would say that Germans love sausages so much that they opened a complete museum dedicated to it. By the way, Currywurst means sausages in the German language, which is a fast food dish of German origin. I am no expert on this but if you want to know more about Currywurst and its history then, this is a must-visit place for you.

Where to eat in Berlin

It is quite obvious to imagine that you can get any country’s food in Berlin due to its multicultural population. There is no scarcity of good restaurants and cafes in any part of the city. But here are few tips from my side:

Wanna try German food? If this is your first time in Germany and you want to know how common German food tastes like then, there couldn’t be any better place than trying German food in front of the German parliament (okay, not literally in front but parliament is across the road). The name of the place is Restaurant Populär im Pavillon am Reichstag, {Scheidemannstraße 1, 10557 Berlin}.

Top-rated Vietnamese restaurant (my recommendation):

This restaurant has a very high rating on Google. Its a little (very little) expensive than other Asian restaurants but the food quality, service and above all, the ambiance of the place is very good. The names of the cocktails are quite funny and I guess aptly chosen (I specifically remember the name ‘Viet Girls’, which my friend tried)… do try them !!! Okay, the name of the place is Vibes Restaurant {Schliemannstraße 16, 10437 Berlin}.

Nice Vegetarian (and non-veg.) Restaurant with Unique Decoration:

I am adding this restaurant into my list because I would consider it a hidden gem. This is Cambodian restaurant with Cambodian-theme based decorations. The food served was really good and in good portion. Name of the place is Angkor Wat Restaurant, {Paulstraße 22, 10557 Berlin}.



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  • Victory Column photo by Kevin Rhodes, via creative common license, some right reserved
  • Currywurst Museum photo by Jeanne Menjoulet, via creative common license, some right reserved


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