Robot Restaurant – Is it Worth?

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Believe me! I understand how overwhelming it is to finalize the places to visit in Tokyo. I can say that Japan is that country that took maximum time for me to plan a proper itinerary. And when it comes to planning the places in Tokyo…oh boy! it’s so confusing. One such place is the Robot Restaurant…but then the real question comes! Is it really worth the time and money?


Robot Restaurant

Before jumping into the real question, let me give you some quick tips and facts about the Robot Restuarant. First and the most important fact is that…it’s not a restaurant!

Since it’s not a real restaurant so, you don’t need to bother about eating/drinking there. It’s not mandatory but if you some have extra bucks to spend and want to add some extra fun…go ahead and get yourself some snacks/beers etc.

There are different show timings and the first show starts at around 4 PM (check out the correct time at Viator). Since the first show starts a little early in the evening, therefore, it’s the cheapest one. Unless you have any specific reason, I would suggest booking the first show.

The Robot Restaurant is really popular among tourist and therefore book the tickets as soon as possible (honestly, it was sold out for the date I was planning to go there). Especially, the first show gets sold out really quick for the obvious reason.


Is it Worth?


Honestly…it depends on your taste. This is not a place where the local Japanese people come. This is also not a place where you would go to get a regular drink. But don’t let my words demotivate you! This is a place where you can get the vibes of Japanese cute culture.

I have never been to such a place in any of the countries I’ve visited so far. This place is really unique and a must visit place especially if you are a first-time traveller to Japan.

Still unsure about visiting this place? Have a look at my video for the full experience of the Robot Restaurant.


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