Morocco: A 10 days itinerary

Sahar Desert Morocco

If you are craving to experience something different, something unique, something that gives you a strong cultural shock then, Morocco is the place, which should be at the top in your places-to-visit bucket list.

With its close proximity to some European countries means that you can get very good flight connections to reach Morocco. The most usual way to reach Morocco is by flying to Fez, Marrakech, Agadir or Rabat. There are several Ryanair connections to these cities from several European countries including Germany. It is also possible to reach Morocco via Ferry from a Spanish port.

Based on your country of departure, you need to decide your city of arrival in Morocco. I travelled from Germany and I chose Fez to the point of entry for my travel plan. But I would recommend starting from Marrakech.

10 Days Travel Itinerary:

Day-1: Arrival in Fez, stay in Fez

Day-2: Fez to Marrakech by the early morning train, stay in Marrakech

Day-3: Marrakech to Sahara Desert (Complete day travel in the bus but its beautiful), stay in a desert hotel

Day-4: Visit Sahara desert, stay in a desert camp

Day-5: Return journey to Marrakech via Todre de Gorges, stay in Marrakech

Day-6: Visit Marrakech, stay in Marrakech

Day-7: Marrakech to Rabat by the early morning train, visit Rabat, stay in Rabat

Day-8: Visit Rabat till afternoon, Rabat to Chefchaouen by bus, stay in Chefchaouen

Day-9: Visit Chefchaouen and travel to Fez by bus, stay in Fez

Day-10: Visit Fez, stay in Fez

Day-11: Return to Germany

Arrival in Fez:

I reached Fez international airport at around 13:00 hrs. The airport in Fez is moderately sized and is well organised. The first thing you would realise at Fez airport is the Arabic way of decoration and architecture. The immigration process was quite fast. You can get some glimpses of Fez airport in the video below about train travel in Morocco.

The Fez airport is a little bit far from the main Fez city and Fez Medina (old city). You can either take a bus or a taxi to go to the Fez city. My initial plan was to take a bus but I personally found it quite complicated  (didn’t find any sign or information) to take the bus so, decided to share a taxi with another traveller. From this point onwards, don’t forget that you are in Morocco so, start doing some price negotiations. The usual price from Fez airport to the Fez old city (or even Fez new city) is 150-200 MDH (Moroccan Dhiram).

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After spending the night in Fez, we took an early morning train to Marrakech. But if your point of arrival is already Marrakech then, you can directly use your first day to explore Marrakech city. There are regular trains from Fez to Marrakech, which passes through Casablanca and Rabat. Do watch the above video to get feel about trains in Morocco. Btw the trains pass through the desert area and it’s wonderful to see the changing landscapes.

Marrakech to Sahara desert

This is the trickiest part and depends a lot on your budget and your comfort preferences. There are several tour packages from Marrakech and Fez to Sahara desert with varying prices. The main difference lies in the duration of the trip and mode of transport. If you want to travel by private four-wheel drive vehicle then, it may cost you 250-500€ per person (also depends on the number of passengers 1-4). The cheap option could be to travel with a group of 10-15. The trip itself is quite standardised and normally includes transportation, one night stay in a desert hotel, one night stay in a desert camp and meals of course. For more information about the desert trip, you can read my another blog, which is fully dedicated to this topic.

The desert tours generally provide the following options:

  1. Start from Marrakech and return to Marrakech
  2. Start from Marrakech and drop-off in Fez
  3. Start from Fez drop-off in Marrakech

Since we chose the first option so, we came back to Marrakech and stayed in Marrakech’s Riad at night. Next day we spent the complete day in further exploring about Marrakech (do read my another blog about Marrakech for more info).

Marrakech to Rabat:

We took an early morning train to the capital city, Rabat from Marrakech. There are regular train services on this route. The train takes about 3-4 hours for this journey. I am always interested to get a feel of a country’s capital city but if that’s not your thing then, you can skip this part and rather spend more time in Marrakech (which has a lot to do).

Rabat to Chefchaouen (Bus services in Morocco):

If you are in Morocco then, Chefchaouen comes in the not-to-be-missed-place category. The whole Medina of the city is painted in blue. Unfortunately, there is no train service to Chefchaouen and you will have to follow the schedule of bus services. There are two main players in this business, CTM and Supratours Morocco. The websites of both the bus service providers are not great (and CTM is not even in proper English) but are pretty self-explanatory (if you have any question, feel free to post your query in the comments below). The one-way ticket price to Chefchaouen from Rabat cost 135 MDH per person. The bus tickets cannot be booked online.

The bus drops you at the main bus station in Chefchaouen and the old Medina (the blue city) is not too far from there. But I would recommend you to take a taxi (because its an uphill drive) from the main bus station to the Medina, which cost around 15-20 MDH.

Btw my picture with the blue wall was taken in Chefchaouen.

Chefchaouen to Fez:

Again for this route, you are dependent on the bus service providers. I took an evening bus (at around 18:00 hrs) from Chefchaouen, which dropped me in Fez at 22:00 hrs (4 hours duration). The one-way ticket price costs around 80 MDH (please check the timetable at the CTM Bus website).

We spent the last day in Fez and finished our journey at a place, from where you could see the whole of Fez Medina. Do watch about that viewpoint in the video below.

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