Is Morocco Safe for Tourists

Old man walking down the alley of Fez Medina in Morocco

I traveled Morocco as a woman traveler without any tour guide (except Sahara Desert trip). Since I am writing this article so, it is pretty obvious that I am still alive (haha…it’s not that dangerous for sure)! But the main task in Morocco is to avoid the situations which may get you in some troubles. There are certain things that you should definitely know before traveling to Morocco to have a pleasant and trouble-free experience in Morocco. The short answer to the question “Is Morocco Safe for tourists?” is Yes!

Safety Issues in Morocco

Presumably, Morocco is one of the safest countries on the African continent. The country has very low violent crimes rate. As a tourist, if you are not doing anything crazy then, the only problem is to deal with some petty crimes. I walked down the streets of Fez, Marrakech, Rabat, and Chefchaouen at pretty odd hours (from very early in the morning to midnight hours). Though I never encountered any serious trouble I was intimidated by men on several occasions, who just appeared from nowhere and started following me. Several times I found kids shouting, “Hey! B*tch”, which I found a little sad but I guess that they just wanted to grab my attention and were probably influenced by movies.

Common Tourist Traps in Morroco

  1. The Road is Closed: This is perhaps the most common tourist trap. At almost all the tourist destinations, I found someone approaching me and saying, “Hey, where are you going, the road ahead is closed!“. Even if you ignore them (or do whatever), they would keep following you and try to intimidate you. Even if you are not sure or confused, just don’t go with them.
  2. Let me Help you: This is the second common trap in Morocco. Let’s say that you have some luggage and you are going towards your hotel. Several times, you would be approached by someone who would just hold your luggage and start walking. Even if you resist, they would say that they just want to help you. Imagine, its 11 PM in the medina of Fez and somebody just holds your luggage and forces you to take his help…by the way, this happened to me. In the end, the person wanted to get some tip for something that I did not even ask for.
  3. Come for Tea at Home: This mostly happened to me in Checfchaouen where some people grow weed (Charas). I was approached several times by random persons and was asked if I want to go to their house for a cup of tea with their family. To be honest, I wanted to go to interact more with the locals but then I realized that they just wanted to sell weed.
  4. Overpriced Stuff: This is already well-known trap. The only thing I want to say regarding this is…it’s Morocco, do bargaining!
  5. Delivering Carpet to your Home: Morocco is very famous for its handmade carpets, which are very beautiful. Since carpets are big, you may want to get them delivered to your house. And this is exactly the point where you can get trapped. You would get a great deal, an invoice and a promise that your carpet would be shipped soon by DHL but finally, you receive nothing. Please check the credentials of the shop before making any such deals.

Is Morocco Safe

Yes! it is. Good or not-so-bad, you are going to bring some wonderful memories back home. Just use some basic common sense and respect the local customs. Don’t let the fear of petty crimes to stop you to visit this amazing country. Go to Morocco and have a great time!

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