About Me: A Budget Travel Blogging Wesbite

A Little More About Me

I am an engineer and a travel enthusiast. I was born in India and at a tender age, I left my home country and chose to a life where I can learn from my own experiences. Now, I live in Germany, from where I have also acquired a university degree.

Why These Blogs

I am among those people who love to visit new places instead of gathering materialistic things. A few years back, somewhere I read that a family changes its place in every 100 years on an average. Sorry, I don’t remember the book name but I do believe that the true nature of a human being is to wander.    

The above ideology has brought me at this point to share my travel stories via blogs. I hope to inspire at least some people to start traveling. I want to tell them, don’t wait till retirement to start traveling.  Travel now, when you have the ability to wake up early, hike to the top of a hill (without worrying about your knees) to get the best view of sunrise. Travel now when you can manage to travel rough. Travel now, when you still have a lot to learn and use it in your life. Travel now to gather some amazing stories to tell your grandchildren.

Don’t wait for the perfect time when everything is settled, because there is not gonna be any perfect time ever!

My Traveling Style

I have an insatiable desire to travel but I am not in any hurry to use my limited funds to travel to more places, just to cross them off my bucket list. I rather prefer to do it slowly and immerse in the experience that a place has to offer. As long as a place is safe to stay, its standard does not matter to me. I always try to make a balance in visiting touristy places and doing offbeat travel. But the thing that I love the most is to stay among locals and hear their part of the story about their own place.

Sahara Desert, Sunset, Camel


How Can I Help You?

You can find a collection of blogs about travel destinations, not-to-miss things in particular cities and a lot of travel tips to make your next travel plan hassle-free and more enjoyable.

Since I have not only travelled in Europe but have been living here for a long time so, I can provide some really helpful tips as a local. Please feel free to drop me an email if you have any query/suggestion related to a travel destination, itinerary planning or travel tips etc.

E-mail: contact@traveliensworld.com